From Left Top: Tiura, Sudeep, Judia
Lower level from L: Shahina,Radya, Chera


Zambalita Events

Next Event October 4th 2015
Save The Music!

Above: Zambalita at Bay Area Belly 2013

Above: Zambalita at DDF 2011
Above: Zambalita at DDF 2011

Zambalita is available to perform at parties, banquets, festivals, restaurants, weddings and any family-oriented festive occasion where Middle Eastern music and dance may enrich the experience.

Exotic! Dramatic! Beautiful!
Zambalita – an Egyptian colloquialism referring to the fusion of sounds –the clinking of glasses and spirited conversations, laughter and music – that combine to make up the cheerful background noise at a festive gathering.

For booking information contact Sudeep at: