There are two things that I have always been interested in and they are art and dancing. At 4 years old I started with ballet classes and never looked back.

I have tried many different dance forms but in 1993, I discovered belly dancing, and that has been my passion ever since. Middle eastern music speaks to my soul and transports me to another world.

I have had the pleasure of learning from many teachers, all with their own unique style, and have danced in several troupes. My teachers include Helené, Gabrielle, Palika of Heavy Hips, Malia de Felice, Yolanda and Sabiba.

I love all aspects of this evolving dance form. As well as dancing with Troupe Zambalita, I dance solo, I teach and continue to write choreographies for the troupe.




Come and learn this fun dance form in Sudeep's private studio in Redwood City. For information about classes please e-mail me at Sudeep

Choreography classes are starting in January 2007!