Shahina and Sudeep dance Jungle Dance at Olive Fest above.


Above: Shahina,Sevan, Sudeep Adrianna and Radya scare everyone at a Halloween dance party at Community Street Jam in Redwood City.
Below clockwise from top left, Zambalita and friends: Tiura, Radya, Sudeep, Khajulah, Shahina, Shauna and Paloma of Lunatic Fringe.

Sunrise at the oasis, the tawny sands stretching to the horizon. Out of the corner of your eye, you glimpse a swirl of color, a gleam of gold; through the dunes comes the faint clink of heavy old silver jewelry. A line of beauties approaches, their hips shifting so rhythmically to complex drum rhythms that their homespun tassels twirl in constant motion.

and then......

elemental creatures come out to dance and create magic, mimicking the serpentine motions of the snake and the waving of the wind in the trees. The energy rises and the Tunisian women get pulled into the elemental dance. After the dance the spirits disappear back into their misty world.

Above clockwise from top left, Zambalita and friends: Ariel, Sudeep, Shahina, Adrianna, Katalina and Paloma

Above: Radya with veil.

R: Ariel at Olive Fest 2004

Below L: Shauna, R: Judia, both at Tatseena, 2004.


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